Past Projects
We Design, Build Custom Control Panels, Buildings, Electrical Test Consoles, Drive Controller Consoles, Hydraulic Systems & controls. 
Highlighted Projects
Load bank Home - or Aircraft Power Generation
The AC / DC Load Bank with different Load capability for Resistive, Inductive, Capacitive Loads from 25KVA to 1000KVA with expansion capability. Load bank consists of fine to course load steps controls with PLC controlled. Loads are designed for higher frequency 50Hz to 800Hz to adopt Aircraft power.
Hydraulic System Home
The Hydraulic systems Home is a Hydraulic Supply Cart (HSC), is a PLC-based I/O system designed to support lubrication and cooling. The HSC regulates and monitors hydraulic conditions to and from the component. The oil cart consists of local HMI display used for local display/monitoring of oil cart parameters, as well as low level local diagnostics. All the hydraulic cart I/Os wired locally at the hydraulic cart. The hydraulic package includes various flow, temperature, and differential pressure safeties, including loss of scavenge alarm/shutdown.
Drive Motor Controllers
From 5HP to 1000HP Drive Motor controller systems for various applications with small to large Motor mounting base and Drive controller enclosure with other accessories controls. System design and built for Electric Motor Test system for Dynamometer applications. Test Simulators for various drivetrain.